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Eliminating or mitigating an anticipated problem, or capitalizing on a forecast opportunity, can substantially improve our quality of life, and prevent environmental and economic damage. At the environmental level, changing traffic-light priority and speed limits to avoid traffic congestions will reduce carbon emissions, optimize transportation and increase the productivity of commuters. At the business level, making smart decisions ahead of time can become a differentiator leading to significant competitive advantage.

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USE CASE I: Proactive Credit Card Fraud Management

The goal of this use case is to forecast fraudulent activity and make decisions in order to prevent the financial loss. Fraud is currently detected after it takes place. Decisions about fraudulent activities are made in a matter of minutes after fraud detection. We will forecast fraud and support subsequent sub-second decisions about blocking or reviewing the corresponding transactions.

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USE CASE II: Proactive Traffic Management

The goal of this use case is to forecast traffic congestions before they happen and make decisions in order to attenuate them. We will forecast traffic congestions 5-20 minutes before they happen, and make decisions within 30 seconds of the forecast about adjustment of traffic light settings and speed limits. This will be achieved by accomplishing the following two main objectives:

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